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Hello there again!

2017-08-30 17:26:01 by 8bitAssassins

School for me starts soon. So I'm trying to make a bunch of trash as quickly as possible. I just finished my fourth song in these last four days and it's my best one yet so please check it out, it's called Rat Brick and it was my first successful collab with anyone.

I'm kidding, Sinister is the best one by far.

But seriously, check the stuff out. And check out my SoundCloud, too. I post cool stuff there.

Hello there

2017-05-14 13:45:01 by 8bitAssassins

Hello. I just realized I haven't made a news post yet. Let me tell you about myself a bit.

I'm an unsuccessful 3d animator. Unsuccessful as in I haven't gotten anything done since March. Plus my YT views and stuff has gone down like 50%. Also I make no money from Vidme or NG. So much for buying that lightsaber.

Anyway, I like to make music and animate. It's fun. I'm collabing with my friend for my next song. It's a remix of DAGames' "Build our Machine."