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Hello there

2017-05-14 13:45:01 by 8bitAssassins

Hello. I just realized I haven't made a news post yet. Let me tell you about myself a bit.

I'm an unsuccessful 3d animator. Unsuccessful as in I haven't gotten anything done since March. Plus my YT views and stuff has gone down like 50%. Also I make no money from Vidme or NG. So much for buying that lightsaber.

Anyway, I like to make music and animate. It's fun. I'm collabing with my friend for my next song. It's a remix of DAGames' "Build our Machine."


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2017-05-14 14:14:25

I have the same thing: I animate lazy or not much. My YT is falling too :D And i make music too :3
Btw hello xd


2017-05-14 15:59:59

i haven't finished something in 2 years. wanna try and top that?
nice to meet u